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Yves BOUFFIGNY 's paintings in which the atmosphere of the landscape of Normandy and the artist are strongly tied one to another reveal every feature of a innermost fusion of the soul, the mind and the senses. As a painter, no one can be more contemplative,(to the true meaning of the word,). That means a close relationship to Nature,an inner and outer harmony.wich are sensed in the shades of the landscape that he loves to paint on location, The artist uses the figurative mode in order to express his huge sensibility and to spread the warmth of emotions wich is typical of paintings made on location. Being as skilled as the impressionnists ,as far as colours and values are concerned, Yves BOUFFIGNY is definitely a landscape painter whose subtle manner is rather gentle and refined than lyrical."

Art Critic
excerpt of an article published in Valeurs de l'Art (art magazine)

Yves BOUFFIGNY remains faithfull to the tradition of the School of Rouen, as he is always in search of the light and the atmospheres of upper Normandy. His style reveals a spontaneous technique, an awareness of the movement and the smoothness of the material that he handles brilliantly.
His depictions of the older streets of Rouen and of the banks of the river Seine are conspiscuous and the way he captures the changing colours of cliffs at different moments of the day is remarkable ."

Gérard Boudin

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